ASSEFA Italia is a work of love. We don’t say that to draw attention to ourselves. We don’t say that to make people like us. We just say that as a matter of fact.

We’re not making any money from this website. I know that you’re probably scratching your head because there are hundreds of pages in this website. There are also a lot of fancy technology that enable people to find the right information at the right time so they can do the right things to produce the right results.

What are we talking about? Well, it’s absolutely true. We refuse to take money from this website. Instead, we have built a platform where people from all over the world, regardless of where they come from, regardless of their knowledge level, can share questions and resources so we can get to the bottom up of persistent farm problems.

Make no mistake about it too many parts of the world are green hells. I know this is a contradiction in terms, but it’s absolutely true. When you look at these places, everything is green. The water is there. It rains predictably at certain times of the year. The soil composition is okay or even optimal, but despite these amazing advantages, these places are filled with people who are starving.

A green hell indeed, and a lot of this is due to governmental policies. A lot of this is due to traditional landholding patterns. A lot of this is due to class structure.

Whatever the case may be these difficulties can still be overcome with technical assistance. In other words, even if you just have access to a very small plot of land, if you know how to work that plot of land in a way that is not going to impoverish you, you stand to gain. In fact, you can gain enough from your harvests that you can buy that plot of land and keep expanding your landholdings.

This is not a theory. A lot of people who have tried farming methods we have described here have gone on to do exactly that. They started out as an impoverished farmer who basically just freelanced on a plot of land. In other words, there is no formal arrangement. The only rule is that they are going to harvest anything from that land. They’re going to give the owner 80%. Otherwise, there is going to be some serious issues when the townspeople start talking.

So, we have farmers from India check out our website, get basic pieces of information and they tripled their yield, and they followed our advice with what to do with the money. They would reinvest the money and get laborers, meaning they rent other people’s time to even boost the productivity of the land in a 100%r natural way, and they get even more money.

At that point, they then buy up the land and rent out nearby areas. They repeat the formula, hiring more people, producing more food, selling the better prices by selling directly to the consumer, and we are happy to report that many previously impoverished farmers who simply live hand to mouth every single day who had kids die of starvation end up becoming huge land owners. By huge, of course, we’re talking relatively. These are people who own twenty hectares of land now.

Twenty hectares in Australia, Canada or the United States may not mean much. In fact, it’s not unusual for farms in the United States to consist of five hundred hectares or even a thousand hectares due to mechanization and large-scale volume agriculture.

However, in places like India, Southeast Asia, twenty hectares is a big deal, and these people now are able to educate their children. Many have kids who have gone to college. The first in their family to go to and graduate from college.

We are happy to be part of that, and we believe that the technology that we share here, as simple and basic as it may seem to farmers from more developed parts of the world can really going go a long way in changing people’s lives for the better.

The bottom line really is if you want change, you have to step up. The information is there. You have to roll up your sleeves and take that information and run with it. In other words, you keep doing and doing and doing.

Unfortunately, sometimes you fall on your back. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things fail, but this doesn’t mean, and it doesn’t give you a license to stay down. You get back up, and you try to scale up and eventually you will succeed.

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