I remember the first time I listened to reggae and it really blew my mind. A lot of people may find reggae music kind of boring because it does have a syncopation or rhythm that is quite cyclical. The bars repeat themselves and I’m not just talking about the keyboards, but also the guitars. There is an upswing with the guitars and when you put all these elements together, it seems that listening to reggae at some level or other is like listening to a radio with bad reception.

If you’ve listened to an AM/FM transistor radio that has really bad reception, you would hear the sound go in nice and loud and clear and they would fade out and it would go back in again and fade out. That’s kind of like reggae because it has this cyclical in and out effect. It’s very easy to dismiss reggae as basically one dimensional and even unimaginative. At the very least, given its very basic and seemingly formulaic sound patterns, it would be very tempting for some people to dismiss it as a music genre straight out of the transistor radio era. Well, that would be a bit too much. Really. As basic as reggae’s structure may be, it still touches people’s lives. It is still able to make quite a bit of a difference. It still influences acts up to today.

A lot of people are under the impression that reggae is the kind of music that once you’ve listened to it, you have listened to all the reggae songs because they’re basically locked into this straight jacket of creative or musical arrangement.

This really is too bad because it’s like dismissing the blues as derivative, formulaic and essentially unimaginative. I don’t know about you, but that would probably be a bad idea because it you’ve listened to the blues, there’s nothing unimaginative about it. Sure, it has a distinct formula and it definitely doesn’t stray all that far from a fairly narrow range of chords, but you can’t say that performers like Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker are one and the same. They’re not. Blues music transports you to higher levels of consciousness and intense reality.

The same applies to reggae. There’s a lot of similarities to it, but you need to read and hear between the lines. This is where vape liquids can really come in handy. Depending on the vape liquids you buy and use, you can truly relax, let go and zero in on pinpoint differences in the different reggae jams that you play.

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